Neurobiology & Coding

Inquiry-based curricula with an emphasis on research using open access datasets
  • At UC San Diego, I designed and now teach Neural Data Science (BIPN 162), which seeks to teach biology students how to code in Python so that they can harness open access neuroscience datasets.
  • I’m very interested in integrating coding into undergraduate neuroscience education. You can read about some of my efforts to introduce Allen Institute data into the neurobiology classroom here, and find related teaching materials here.
  • Supported by the Kavli Foundation, I’m currently working on an online textbook that will hopefully serve as a practical guide to neural data science. Get in touch if you’d like more information.
Promising practices for teaching biology students how to code

I’m currently looking for BISP 193 / Master’s students who are interested in conducting quantitative and qualitative research on coding in biology classes. Specifically, I’d like to know whether a growth mindset intervention can improve sense of belonging and self-efficacy for biology majors while learning coding. If this is of interest to you, get in touch.