About Me

I’m a neuroscientist, an educator, and a writer, currently working as an Assistant Teaching Professor at UC San Diego. I care deeply about how we teach and learn about the brain and ultimately, ourselves. You can hear a bit about my background and career trajectory in my Growing up in Science Talk (February 2021), or by reading my stories here.

A few other things:

Native East Coaster, adopted Californian.
Queer and happily in love with this amazing person.
Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and very poor harmonica player.
Lover of mountains and oceans, particularly together.
Consumer of small-batch coffee, craft beer, and open world video games.
Amateur (like, reeeaall amateurphotographer, illustrator, and rock climber.
Proud caretaker of a rather sassy, floppy-eared intellectual.
Featured in this WHYY interview, this Stories of WiN interview, and this Once a Scientist podcast episode.